Terms & Conditions
Alarm Registration: Terms and Conditions
  • An alarm user shall obtain a valid alarm registration prior to operating or causing an alarm system to be operated at an alarm site. A separate alarm registration is required for each alarm site. A registration shall expire one year from the date of issuance and must be renewed annually by the alarm user.
  • An alarm registration cannot be transferred to another person or another alarm site.
  • All fees and fines owed by an applicant must be paid before an alarm registration may be issued or renewed.

In order to be approved, an alarm registration or renewal application must include:

  • Name, complete address, and telephone number of the person who will be the registration holder. This person will be responsible for the proper maintenance, operation and, payment of fees or fines assessed under Chapter 38 Article II of City Code.
  • Classification of the alarm site as either Residential or Commercial. Apartments, condominiums and manufactured homes are considered residential.
  • Classification of the alarm system for each alarm located at the alarm site. Classifications include audible, silent, video, panic, holdup/robbery.
  • Mailing address of the registration holder if different than the address of the alarm site.
  • Indication of any dangerous or special conditions present at the alarm site including, but not limited to, guard dogs, weapons, chemical agents, and explosives.
  • Names and telephone numbers of at least two responders.
  • Name and contact number of the alarm company and monitoring company for the alarm system at the alarm site and the date installed.

The Alarm Coordinator must be notified of any changes to the information submitted on the Alarm Registration form within ten (10) days of the change.

Any false statement of a material fact made by an applicant for the purpose of obtaining an alarm registration shall be sufficient cause for refusal to issue a registration and may subject applicant to prosecution as established by state or local law.