City of Clearwater
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Residents and businesses that have installed a security alarm are required, under Clearwater's Code of Ordinances (Chapter 5), to register their security alarm. This site was created to allow citizens an online option for false alarm prevention, installation tips, registering new alarms, updating contact information and making online invoice payments for current or outstanding charges related to false alarms. A false alarm occurs when the law enforcement officer responding to the alarm finds no evidence of criminal activity, attempted criminal activity or an emergency on the premises. Research has found that a false alarm can be caused by:

  • Mechanical failure; a malfunction, improper maintenance or installation of the alarm system, regardless of whether the alarm user is at fault.
  • Human interference; the negligent or intentional activation of the alarm system and is not caused by unlawful entry, attempted unlawful entry or robbery.

Please refer to the 'False Alarm Reduction' area of this site for suggestions on how to reduce and/or eliminate the occurrence of false alarm(s) to your home or business.

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